Types of eyeliner

Hello girls!

A few days ago I spoke to you in this beauty and makeup blog about the eyeliner according to the type of eye what we have. And for those who are not yet experts (there are many professional make-up artists here, they do not have a title but as if they had it) we will see how many types of eyeliner we can find so that it suits us better .

Different types of Eyeliner:

LIQUID EYELINER: is one of the most used formats and lasts the hardest. Normally it comes in a few small boats with a liquid and a very finite brush. It is one of the best because it is the one that lasts longer but requires good practice so that we get the straight line.

If you do not have much practice or your pulse trembles a lot, you better use another type of product.

Eyeliner in GEL: en a thick cream that must be applied with a fine and bevelled brush. It also requires practice and usually last up to 24 hours. That if depending on the brand you use will be better or worse.

Eyeliner in PAD: very similar to shadows and used with a wet brush.

Eyeliner in marker: is also uncomfortable, but it has a great disadvantage and it can not be tipped. It allows you to draw the most intense lines and always paint well. It is best to use it only on the outside of the eye to get a natural makeup , but you must be careful because if you close it badly it is usually dried quite easily ..

Eyeliner in PÁPIZ: my favorites and the most used and known in the world. Inside the pencils we can find different types: resistant to water, khol that are softer and automatic. These can be applied in the line of the eye, as well as in the eyelashes and the eyelid. It is one of the most comfortable types of eyeliner to use and those chosen daily by thousands of women to get a natural makeup .

And you that type of eyeliner do you use? Do you like these beauty tricks ?