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Happy Foot Spa & Nails offers the finest nail care and spa pedicure

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Denise P.

I don't often treat myself to things like pedicures. I do in my mind but not in reality. So having a pedicure is a pretty big deal for me. It also means I don't know what the heck to do once I get there. For a moment I felt out of place. I doubt in this day the staff at a nail salon run into full grown adult women with no clue about pedicures. Ha ha. The staff pointed me to a chair (a massage chair that is) and I sat down. And the rest was pretty enjoyable. About 1/2 way through the gal doing my pedicure showed me a paper and asked me which pedicure I wanted?   Um what? So I just said the basic. The girl next to me laughed and asked why I hadn't selected the sugar scrub....um what?Next time I go I'll know more what to do. Today I just pretended I did.


Jess S.

I've been going to this salon for a year or so now.  I do not go frequently but I go around 5 times a year which is enough to notice that the service has gone downhill. I love the way they do my nails and they always end up looking very nice. 4/5 times my nails will look just the way I wanted but sometimes I feel as if the nail tech. doesn't listen to what I ask for and completely misses the mark on my nails.Also, the employees are very kind but sometimes I spend up to 15 minutes sitting in a chair (with an appointment) without anyone ever saying a word to me. The place is also quite pricey for what they do.Overall it's a great place but it's a bit risky if you're in a time crunch or if you're trying to save money. Update: I'm not normally one to give a poor review but this place really disappointed me. I went in for gel and my nail tech filed my nails so thin that they burned in the led light; it was pretty painful. He told me that it was just a little hot and to deal with it. A lot of the nails lifted within a week and were popping off after two weeks. The gel on my thumb came off less than a day after the manicure. This experience was really frustrating and I don't think I'll be coming back, especially considering the prices are so high.


Rish K.

Not too happy with Happy Foot lately. Last time I was there, a husband-wife couple (who are techs) were fighting with each other, causing some consternation amongst the customers. There is no control. It's just not the same and I have been visiting Happy Foot for almost 2 years now. Since my last visit, she fired three of her techs - one of them is Andy. Who is MY tech!! And the best tech there. Find Andy at Casabella Nail Salon. Well, not at the same time I am there getting my nails done. LOL


Cesar M.

OH-EM-FREAKIN-GEE!!!!simply love!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!There was a young gal that I was referred to, janet/Jeannette/juhnett, hopefully one of those was right.....anyways....THANK YOU!!!I took my little princess in for a manicure, her hands had been through quite a bit since last time she had gotten her manicure....the life of a 2 year old can be pretty messy, so we go in for a father daughter mani date, Princess was up first so I always am curious to see how people will react with a child in their job, will they know a child communicates differently, will they go about everything BAU.This one was one of the good ones! The young lady was gentle, sweet, caring, all the things you love to see when someone is dealing with your child.baby Grace, being the child she is, wouldn't stay still, was moving all over the place but that didn't phase this manicurist, she did what she had to do and did a great job. Again, phenominal job. My turn came and my favorite part of the whole thing was the mini massage at the end.Nails shining bright like a diamond once we're done and we have accomplished our mission ladies and gentleman.


Sam S.

Just had a pedicure with Peter.  He barely scrubbed  my feet with the pumice and my left heel is still rough.  He barely even massaged my feet and didn't massage my legs at all.  I showed him the starting of a corn on my left pinky toe and he didn't remove it completely.  His painting skills were horrible and just noticed that there is still paint on my skin.Also, my son got a pedicure (don't know her name).  They charged an extra 5 dollars to remove the gel polish which they used the drill to remove the polish instead of soaking it off!  I even said something about it being soaked off and they said they had to get the top coat off and then soak, but she filed it off and didn't soak them at all.


Katy M.

Horrible Service.I tried to get a quick gel manicure today. After being told the wait would be 5 minutes, I sat for 15 minutes when another walk-in showed up. The new walk-in was helped immediately while I had to sit and continue waiting. When I asked the front desk person, she had forgotten I was waiting and told me that it would be another 15 minutes atleast. Besides the poor service, the quality is average. It really depends on who you get seated with. I have been made to bleed, had paint all over my fingers and toes, chipped nails before I even leave the salon, and gel nails that are falling off within a day or so of my visit.The salon is also disgustingly dirty. It looks as if they never wash their floors or work stations because there is dust and hair everywhere. It makes you wonder if the pedicure bowls are safe and clean.I will never go to this horrible salon again. Never.


Tiffany M.

I have been going to Happy Foot since it first opened. I went to Mike for years. When Mike left it went under new ownership. However Andy and his family was still working there. Recently him and his whole family where let go. I will not be returning there!! Andy is now at Casabella Nail Salon near Costco. It's a further drive but well worth it. I have tried to have other do my nails and it is not the same quality at all. Andy is wonderful.


Ashley H.

If you go there, don't go to John for a manicure. Worst manicure I've ever gotten in my life. He was careless, was rushing, and made my bleed. Would never recommend to anyone.


Tracey W.

Been visiting this salon 2017.  My regular tech Andy (who is incredible, gel nails last 4-5 weeks) was let go via text while on vacation along with his wife and mom.  I don't understand the decision.  Since it is near my home I will go for impromptu pedi's because Lily is really good but I will follow Andy to Casbella Salon (near costco).


Ashley G.

I have visited happy nails several times because it's close to my house. They can always accommodate a walk in and are happy to do so. The nail techs are friendly and they do a decent job. The salon itself is a little dingy, the massage chairs don't always work and the polish available may not the newest colors, but it is a reliable salon for a quick pedicure. Basic pedicures cost and include a pretty decent leg massage. It's not my favorite nail salon in town, and I would go out of my way to visit, but it is a good little neighborhood nail joint.


Chelsea S.

I was first introduced to the Happy Foot Nail Salon by a friend of mine, and I haven't gone anywhere else since! The nail tech Michelle is wonderful and accomodates me whether I walk in, or make an appointment. She is very attentive and makes sure I am pleased with each step of my manicures and pedicures before she moves forward. I absolutely recommend her work. Weekends are quite busy, so appointments are recommended and they take appointments by phone. Their prices are set, but any added glitters, designs, or stamps are an additional charge, so please keep that in mind.


Jennifer C.

I have been coming here for the past two years.  I have always been completely satisfied with their amazing work on my fingers and my toes.  I am super picky, and very happy to have found a place that really listens to what I want. They always go above and beyond to meet my expectations!  The employees are always friendly and attentive and you can tell it is an authentic family atmosphere... everyone helping each other whenever needed.  The owners, Abby and John are inspiring, they always greet each customer with a warm smile and friendly manner no matter how busy they are.  The ambiance is very calm, soothing, and relaxing, just what I need after a long day!  The salon is also astonishingly clean, from the tools they use to the pedicure bowls.  I am a self confessed "germaphobe" so this is super important. I have tried quite a few other salons that are more conveniently located to me, but I am so grateful to have found Happy Foot Salon. I will never go anywhere else!


Keli E.

Wow Kristy, Tina, and the entire staff was so friendly and creative. Kristy and Tina were able to draw disney characters from scratch and did an amazing job. They were so sweet and patient with the two small girlies. Disney World here we come!


Mariah C.

I was going there for fills and they look very nice the day they are done but never last long. 4 days after I got a fill a nail had fallen  off and every other nail was lifted. When I went back 5 days later to get my nail fixed they said it is because my original nail grew. I have had acrylics for a long time and have never had that problem. They fixed my one nail but wanted to charge me for a full set to fix all the rest. Never lasts 2 weeks. Bad product and bad service.


Trinity N.

I took my 11 year old daughter for a pedi last night and while I was getting my nails done, one of the techs was talking to his co worker about my daughter being fat and having big feet in Vietnamese. He rudely said he was going to ask her how old she was. Little did they know, I speak it fluently. I responded for her and said she was 11 in my language. The employees looked at me in shock and did not say another word to me out of embarrassment. I will not return to this establishment and will continue to tell everyone I know about how horrible they made me feel for my daughter.


Sarah S.

Only reason I went to happy foot was for Andy, he is at a new salon now because they fired him. Don't go here!!


April R.

If you get the right person, it is a very nice experience and your nails look great. If you don't know who to ask for, you could end up with someone who is very painful, will leave cuts on you and your nails do not look nice! Twice now I've made the mistake of not booking my favorite people and I won't do that again. Prices are reasonable


Leanh E.

After a two week vacation on the beach, my nails and toe nails were looking a little rough. My usual spot is closed on Sunday, so I came over to Happy Foot Spa & Nails to get some TLC. Since my legs were peeling, mosquito and sand flea bitten, I opted to pay more for a pedicure with sugar scrub. Awe, so heavenly!  Nice smelling scrub and excellent leg and feet massage. This was followed by nice steaming hot towels on your legs. John Duong did a magnificent job getting my hands and feet back into shape. Very friendly and allowed you time to relax and enjoy.  Definitely will come back to see him again. Normal Pedicure is and manicure is .  My feet and hands definitely feel  happy!


Denyce N.

I just moved to the area and was referred by a friend.  I had a gel fill and Kate was my nail tech. Kate was amazing even helped me pick a color. They are fast but I appreciate that as long as the job is good and my nails look great and they did.  Thank you Kate I will be back. *added* 1/31/19 I have been going to Kristy for about a year now and she does an amazing job. Thank you Kristy for putting up with all my Pinterest pics. The image is my nails this week.


Kathleen F.

Be warned. Happy Foot spa is under new ownership. Since the new owner took over the salon has completely gone down hill. It is filthy! The owner is very rude to customers. She treats the staff poorly. I was a regular before but stopped go

About Happy Foot Spa & Nails and Reviews

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