Opinion about the Meluna menstrual cup My not so good experience!

Hello girls!
Today I wanted to give you my opinion about the meluna menstrual cup , who have not yet heard about it I leave the definition of your website.

What is the meluna menstrual cup?

The cup Meluna menstrual is a container made of an antiallergic material, the medicinal thermoplastic elastomer, and which is introduced through the vagina to directly collect the menstrual flow. Its great advantage is that it does not absorb menstrual fluid as in the case of tampons or sanitary napkins, but it collects the liquid and, in this way, protects the vaginal flora.
It can be left in the vagina until 10 - 12 hours and when it is full it is removed, the liquid is discarded and placed again. Clean, ecological and of several uses: It can last us up to 10 years, imagine the savings, not having to buy more compresses or tampons. It is an expense that saved us for a long time.

This menstrual cup comes in a lilac bag that is a little shabby, because the truth I would like more in plan a box, what I see more comfortable and hygienic.
Its price is depends on the size and color but it is between 25 and 32 euros. Sometimes we can find an offer if we take several Milk cups .
But to correctly use one of these cups, the most important thing is to use a correct size, so as not to leak.

What size to choose in the meluna glass?

It is the only glass in the world that has 4 different models (S, M, L and XL) according to the needs of each woman, between 23 ml. and 42 ml. of capacity With 6 different colors and two textures, the classic and the soft can see your size by doing the test on the Meluna Cup .

The Meluna menstrual cup as you have already deduced is a great substitute for pads and tampons.
Meluna menstrual cup

My opinion with the meluna menstrual cup:

I was not very encouraged to use the Meluna cup strong> and always told me that I would use it in the next rule ... but in the end I dared. Actually I dared because I had to tell you my experience in the beauty blog , if I did not have a blog I probably would not have tried it, if I recognize it.

At the beginning it was difficult for me almost half an hour later put it on and after that time the plof that should sound to make sure I had it on did not sound, so I took it off.

I tried the next day and hey there was more luck haha ​​(they call it the beginner's luck) and I realized that it's really comfortable, the most comfortable thing I've ever tried.
After I was informed and saw that several girls had used lubricant to place it better so the first times I did too and much better than the first day.If one day goes wrong nothing happens and we will try another.

We must also bear in mind that it is possible that the first days we do not put it well, that is why to use the Meluna menstrual cup the first few days I recommend that you also wear a brief slip in case you have a leak.

My opinion on the advantages of using the meluna menstrual cup:

- It is very economical, comfortable once we are used to it, respects the environment and can stay longer without changing you.

- It helps you save a lot of money over time.

Disadvantages of using the meluna glass:

- At the beginning it is a little difficult to put.

- If you have a lot of rule you may have some leakage.

- It is difficult to use in public places, because you have to empty it, clean it and put it back on. Something difficult to do in a public bathroom.

- You have to pull twice from the wc chain, so that the blood is gone ... so accumulated.

Where to buy the cup meluna?

You can find it at:

You may also be interested in something very similar that is>>> The menstrual cup lily cup.

Have you tried the Meluna menstrual cup ? What is your opinion about her?