Multicook my purchase at offerum

Hello girls!
A few days ago I told you about offerum and of course I had to fall for those who still do not you know I give you a brief summary, it is a page with huge discounts of up to 80% thanks to the power that gives them a collective purchase.
You can buy getaways, appliances, jewelry, clothes ... what I like most is the shopping area section, but if you like something, buy it quickly because they change very soon and Maybe when you come back for him, he is not here anymore !!
What I've bought at offerum is a multicookie. Mostly I picked it up for pizzas I'm addicted to pizzas but you can also cook vegetables, meats, rice, tortillas, sweets, fish ... its price was € 19.80. And also the food here is much healthier.

It's much bigger than others I've seen before and pretty cool.

The food here is delicious, it's like an iron but much better because the food is more good and has a lid that for some meals comes great. If you have never used them, when you finish using them, a few clicks will sound, do not be scared because this in the multicooks is normal.

What do you think about my buy in offerum ? Do you like my multicook ?