Jeanne in provence my opinion

Hello girls!
Today I wanted to tell you about the products of feminine cosmetics of the well-known brand jeanne en provence.
Autumn is the season of harvests par excellence, the exciting time to collect the cultivated fruit. It is also time for the specialized preparation of freshly harvested products, such as lavender.
The landscapes and nature of Provence have inspired painters and artists, such as Paul Cézanne or Vincent Van Gogh, eager to capture this splendid season of the year in their canvases: the harvest of sunflowers, almonds among others.
Jeanne en provence is a brand that in theory take care of the details, but the truth is that my bag came a little bit broken down ...

My opinion on the feminine cosmetics of Jeanne in Provence:

Cream for the ultra rich body of Almond Soft. It is a cream rich in shea butter, sweet almond oil and chamomile extract. It is an ultra rich and nourishing cream that will satisfy the driest skins.
The soothing and softening virtues of its ingredients associated with sweet almond oil will sublimate the skin by gently perfuming it. Its hydration has been subjected to a test and approved. Its size is 200 ml and its price is € 6.15.

It has gone quite well for me, it is a very good cream that hydrates beautifully and absorbs quickly, which are the two fundamental things that I ask the body creams. I hate when my skin stays dry.

Shea Butter and Honey Body Milk , is enriched with shea butter enriched , sweet almond oil and aloe vera, elements recognized for their moisturizing properties.
This body milk gently perfumes the skin with a delicate honey aroma of Provence. It provides softness and well-being. Its size is 250 ml and its price of € 5.65.

My opinion is very simple, who likes the smell of honey will like it, in my case as I do not like it I almost have to put it on with a clamp on nose. It is also true that its price seems expensive for that price there are much better and they smell much better, I will not cheat.

Lavender Moisturizing Shower Cream. Lavender Shower Cream is enriched with lavender and lavandin essential oils, renowned for their reassuring and regenerative properties.

Cleans and hydrates the skin gently. It also relieves it and is delicately perfumed. Its pH is neutral for the skin and its hydration has been tested and approved. Its size is 250 ml and its price € 3.50.

This shower cream I love, and it smells very good. It is great not to have to put on cream afterwards and for the skin to remain hydrated as well.

Although of course it is inevitable to compare it with others such as the one with the same price you have a boat twice as big as this one.

All products female cosmetics brand Jeanne en provence I have used them, some I liked more than others. If I were a millionaire, I would probably buy them, except for the one that smells like honey, but considering that I am not (and silly either) I will buy other products that are the same and with cheaper prices. You already know that I am crazy about low cost shopping .

These products can be found on Carrefour planet at very good prices, I recommend you try them.

What do you think about the feminine cosmetics of Jeanne en provence ? Kisses