Energy Green Cream, for a more youthful appearance

Hello Beauty! !

Today I wanted to tell you about a product I'm using from être belle specifically a product from female cosmetics called Energy Green Cream . If you do not know etre belle you can read the post I wrote a few months ago Lip couture de être belle.
Energy Green Cream is a revitalizing cream moisturizing that gives a younger, revitalized and fresh look. It helps regulate the production of fat on the hydrolipidic mantle, it is an antioxidant, with extracts of Papaya, Passion Flowers, Pineapples, Kiwi, Lemons and Grapes. Thanks to the nanotopos the absorption of the active principle occurs deep in the skin.

It also improves the immune system by its vitamin C encapsulated in glucose, gives the skin a fresh and luminous appearance and helps prevent skin aging and free radicals

The active ingredients of Energy green cream are:

Active Ingredients
Coconut Extract : rich in sugars and mineral salts
Micronized Glucose
Vitamin A: helps regenerate and unify skin tone a bit
Vitamin E: works at level of wrinkles and anti-radicals
Vitamin D: helps the sun's rays are not harmful to our skin
Vitamin H: hydrolipidic mantle regulator

How to use the cream energy green cream etre belle?

Apply the necessary amount on our face, neck and décolletage with light touches until it is finished absorbing.

The cream comes in a green and transparent jar, which transmits tranquility. Bring a spatula to apply the cream and we do not have to use our fingers. And not only because we can dirty them but also because we can also have bacteria on our hands and bring them to our faces, which is why I think the invention of a small spatula is very good.

Su size is 50 ml and it brings pfc of 6, it seems to me very short but something is something.

My opinion about Energy Green Cream:

The truth that I love the energy green cream has a very light texture, my skin is fat and it has come great.

With a little bit of cream we have enough so that the boat, despite not being very big, will last us a long time.

The face is very soft and hydrated I also thought that the little green spots were going to bother me, they were going to hurt me or something but I was very confused because they melt at the same time that you are throwing the cream. I do not know how it works in other types of skin but if your skin is fat I recommend it it is very good investment .

Here you can see well its texture applied on the hand:

The only thing I do not like about this cream is its price which is 46 euros, I honestly find it a bit expensive.
Have you tried the Energy Green Cream?