Bra unbuckling with a clap

Hello girls and women!

Today I want to show you a very curious thing, the bra that undoes with a slap, the Arabs have the blame who love electronic underwear.

This strange bra is called Clap-off Bra and is causing sensations on the internet. The inventor of this bra is Randy Sarafan , an engineer with a lot of imagination.

I leave you a video so you can see it:

That if I think that to put it for a concert or places where they are given pats better not to put it on. Although this bra went on sale, its inventor was not very successful.

Before this bra I also tried one that what I was doing was that I was burning the threads until it was unbuttoned, but the result was not very good.

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Did you know the unfastening bra? with a clap ?