Redumodel, cream to firm and elevate breasts and buttocks

Hello Beauty !!
Today I wanted to give you my opinion on the products of the Redumodel/wondermodel brand , specifically we are going to see a product for the breasts and glutes quite interesting . Let's start!

What do they say about Redumodel?

Redumodel is a brand whose goal is to bring Beauty , Health and Wellness to everyone, in the most comfortable way, with the best results and at a fair price. p>

In redumodel they were the first in these beauty products:

1996: First Roll-On reducer and firming (Redumodel).
1998: First Roll-On concentrated reducer (Redumodel Plus).
2004: First reductive band (Termosauna).
2005: First regenerating cocktail Baba de Caracol + Rosa Mosqueta + Aloe Vera (Caracol Cream ).
2006: First hyaluronic filler cocktail + Seaweed (Hi Model Face).
2006: Vibrotherapy platform oscillatory (Total Model Plate).
2007: Treat and care for skins more s "from head to toe" (Seanergy Therapy, product of the Dead Sea).
2008: World Novelty. Reductive-firming cosmetic with CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid): burns fat and strengthens muscle mass.
The product that I am using is and from which I'm going to give my opinion is WONDERMODEL S + G an emulsion to lift breasts and buttocks.

What is wondermodel to lift breasts and buttocks?

Wondermodel , is a embellishing emulsion and muscle stimulation , which reaffirms, elevates and prevents stretch marks. Its formula enriched with proteins, vitamins and plant extracts that reinforce the skin and increase blood flow.

After daily and continuous use of wondermodel the breasts and buttocks improve their shape. The reaffirmation of the tissues creates a natural support that together with the toning of the muscles fight against the fall, achieving the aspect of volume increase.

My opinion on wondermodel for buttocks and breasts:

After the daily use of wondermodel for buttocks and breasts yes that have improved a lot, the breasts notice them more firming, nice and smooth . I've been using it for about 25 days.
Although it's true that I'm combining it with good nutrition, although occasionally I indulge in a treat and exercise. But not normal exercise alone, but I try to do specific exercises for the breasts.
The brand also says that it increases the breasts . In my case I did not want to increase them, and he has not. A miesto was good for me, but if there is a girl who is going to buy this cream waiting for her breasts to grow, I sincerely recommend not doing it, because it reaffirms the breasts that is true but it will not raise them as if you had them operated, let's be realistic.
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